What makes a good mylot discussion?

January 3, 2007 8:26am CST
So here we all are, posting discussions and reading them. After a while you find yourself reading more discussions by certain users even on repeat topics. What do you think constitutes a good discussion? For example, is this a good topic? Is my initial discussion detail long enough or interesting enough? What do you think? (I'm doing some research on mylot and social networking sites at the moment so I'm very interested to hear people's opinions on this). Thanks for your time.
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• Brazil
3 Jan 07
I guess what makes a good mylot discussion is, fisrt, information. People come here to learn about things they don`t know, and to kwnow another cultures. Second, extension. Yeah, the people here want to make extra money too. How big is your post, bigger will be your earn. I guess its something about information, interessant posts, and earning post. And you? What do you think about my point of view. (as you now, if you post too I earn too :))
3 Jan 07
Thanks for your response. I agree with the information bit - I posted some longer responses and got a higher number, when I then added some shorter responses my number dropped.
@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
3 Jan 07
To me, a good mylot discussion will be one that benefit others in knowledge. A discussion should not be too lengthy.