IRAQ war - a justification or a business deal

United States
January 3, 2007 9:18am CST
Every body sees the one side of the image, that the media(television,newspapers etc.) provides to the people. There is other side also. Iraq war was on the basis that there is a nuclear tools of mass destruction in the iraq? My questions are: If nuclear tools was not found in the iraq, then why america stayed in iraq even upto now? Ok, some of you may say that the time is required to settle a new government in iraq. Establishing a government in iraq is not a more than three months task. May be, you want to say that unless terrorist activities do not stop, america will stay in iraq. Hey if that is the case, then America have to stay there for ever as long as the life of the earth itself. Its the nature of human to revenge, to fight for their land. They can't see the foreign ruling them. Can you see? Get at their position and think? They will always tries to harm the american's. Comming back to the point.. America's benefit behind it: OIL--iraq was the major source of oil and sudam has the control of oil wells so he can increase the prices of oil and it will affect the american's economy. COMPANY CONTRACTS--Yes, establishment of buildings, houses,construction work in iraq. By the way, who's money has been spend on war, it's the public of america and whose benefiting from war. The companies who has contacts with Mr. Bush. Although i do not proofs to prove it. I have learnt from lots of people and a lots of heated discussion on IRAQ.
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@srenda (382)
• Brazil
3 Jan 07
Iraq is a great humanity crime, and business too. That is a very poor place, the people there, don't have anything, and the last things that survive, that are the people, are dying. It is a crime. I really think that the oil is important, but nothing is more important than lifes. Very good discussion. Have a nice day.