bush rejects study group report

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January 3, 2007 9:23am CST
resident George W. Bush over the weekend rejected the recent recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Calendar Study Group. The bipartisan group recently suggested that 2006 should end at the close of December 31. "I'll follow those recommendations that make sense, but we're not going to 'cut-and-run' from 2006 until we finish the job in 2006 that we set out to do -- like winning in Iraq and holding Republican control of Congress. We're making good progress on both those fronts, but much still needs to be done before we can leave 2006 and move forward," Bush explained. The Calendar Study Group suggested that 2006 should be viewed as having been divided into 12 months and 365 days, with the year ending on December 31. "That's just 'Washington bureaucrat thinking.' It's not 'American thinking.' I've made it clear that I'm not gonna pick an arbitrary date like December 31, or announce a timeline for when 2006 should come to an end. If we go down that road, then our enemies will win. You know, there's no federal law that says a year must only have 365 days. There's nothing that says 2006 can't have 400 or 600 days. Let me be very clear: I'm not a quitter and this Administration will not quit on 2006 until we meet our mission objectives and the time is right. We owe that much to the American people," said Bush. What is your opinion? have a nice day on mylot
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11 Jan 07
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