online banking is it safe

January 3, 2007 9:24am CST
online banking is it safe
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@srenda (382)
• Brazil
3 Jan 07
I don't know really, but I use paypal, and It is very good and secure, and I have heard about e-gold, that is a very security account too. Really this system are very good, because they are international knowed systems. interesting discussion. Have a nice day my friend.
• India
3 Jan 07
thanks for your response, you too have a nice day, take care, God bless you
@volschenkh (1044)
• South Africa
3 Jan 07
Online Banking - Online Banking
You must check that you online bank has all the proper security measures in place. If security is a priority for the bank that you use, then is should be pretty safe. Ive been using online banking for years and never has a problem. Typical security measures that should be in place: - multiple levels of security, and state-of-the-art Internet technology, beginning with your browser and ending with our own security infrastructure to ensure that access to your accounts is private and secure - your bank must make use of known and trust-worthy antivirus software Other online banking security tips: Never save your password on your desktop - as it may allow others to access your personal information, without your permission Do not make your passwords too personal - rather create passwords that have letters and numbers that cannot be attributed to you Never provide your Online ID or password/PIN to anyone, never write them down or share them, not even with a bank official Never provide your online ID or password/PIN to any site that you do not recognise and fully trust Only provide your Online ID or password/PIN when your browser shows a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection directly to the bank Do not leave your computer unattended after you have entered your Internet Banking Password Always log or sign off at the end of a session For your Security you only have a set number of attempts to enter your PIN/password correctly before you are denied access to our services. If this occurs you will need to go to the branch to reset these passwords/PINS Do not open email from unknown sources Beware of emails that ask for passwords, PINS, credit and debit card information Avoid doing Internet Banking in public areas such as internet cafes as you never know what software is loaded that may compromise your transactions Make sure no one has unauthorised access to your PC Be especially aware that there are no security cameras trained on your PC and keyboard Ensure you have the latest anti virus software applications loaded on your PC and keyboard Make sure the software on your PC is correctly licensed Update your operating system and browser with the latest patches Install a personal firewall on your PC if you use a dial-up modem Only provide your credit card details to reputable companies To ensure that you are using a secure shopping site, look for the lock and key and security certificates online