Can africa ever be a peaceful place free of war?

September 29, 2006 4:49am CST
i am an african and i am not happy with wars here and there. My continent is in a bi mess. Bad leaders and managers, greedy and selfish, but i want to ask do you believe that africa can be a peaceful place free of war? and what can be done to achieve this?
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@Dugong (10)
29 Sep 06
I am also in Africa and unluckily the answer can only be, not in our life time, Africa must learn that the foreigners in Africa that give us food and money, do not do this for free, the real meaning of Aid is not help for the poor but servitude, it is time Africans stood up and earn their keep, become respectable, hard working individuals, who want peace, employment, and all the benefits that go with respectability, not hand-outs and second hand technology. It is time for Africans to stand up and discard the corrupt, lying, incompetents that are running the continent, it is time civil servants and politicians respected the fact that it was the average man on the street that gave him his fancy house, salary and cars and show us the care and respect that our votes deserve, or else they and their corrupt ways will no longer be tolerated and their gravy train will be change for a gaol, were a good deal of them belong. No more theft of aid money, no more multi-million salaries for incompetents, you earn what you deserve or like anybody else on the street you are removed from your fancy positions. Why do we treat civil servants and politicians differently? we gave them the privilage to represent their country, we are the honourable not the politicians, why? why? why? do we treat them special when they allow disease, lack of food, lack of medication to dessimate our continent, why do we and they alike think they are so special? it doesn't make sense.