Paxil Withdrawal

United States
January 3, 2007 10:44am CST
How long does it take for the zaps in my head to stop? Also, my blood pressure shot up to 130/100, running a fever, flu-like symptoms, eyes are blurry, and I feel like I am on a walking tire swing that just won't quit. I went back to my primary care physician, and she stated that whoever gets a reaction from coming down off of the drug is generally going through a second underlying condiditon. Her medical recommendation was to place me back on the paxil at 20 mg. immediately to take care of these symptoms that had just newly surfaced. I felt like I was in a nightmare starting your's truly. It was her idea to wean me from this mediation because of the weight gain. She wanted to put me on zoloft instead because my significant weight gain was starting to have an impact on my physical health. Now she says I either go back on the paxil, or go and see a mental health specialilst for my second diagnosis. I started the paxil after the birth of my second child. I had the worst PMS symptoms (I never had PMS before my children were born). I was placed on this for two weeks each month I was told it was not addicting. Well if it is not addicting why am I going through this? The thought of going back on paxil is just not going to happen. I have been without paxil in my system for eleven days now, even aftter the tapering down from 40 over two to three months ago. My physician never gave me any notification that the withdrawals from this medication were possible. I had also over the last two to three months had gone back to her for hot flashes (thought I was going throught he change early), ear aches (felt like my ears were going to explode right off my head), and since I already experience migranes (I had her up my migrane mediation - the sensativity to light and sound were unbearable). I also had to go into the emergency room one night because I had acid reflux so bad that my swallowing reflexes had been affected. I could not get the acid down and aspirated in in my long -- I thought I was having a heart attack due to the amount of pressure on my chest. Also, on a lighter note I thought something was terribly wrong with my glasses that I had switched to contacts, and my reading glasses weren't working as well. Still did not link any of this to Paxil withdrawal, and still the medical professionals that I had grown to trust had never communicated this to me. One day over the holiday, I typed in all my symptoms and lo and behold a site came up that cleared up any misconceptions that I had been having. I made an appointment again with my doctor last night, and she didn't even want to take the time to acknowledge how I was feeling or what had truly caused it. I did ask her why she didn't relay to me that these things that were happening to me were directly related to the withdrawal. Also, if Paxil wasn't addicting than why was I experiencing withdrawal? She said not everyone goes through withdrawal, and that it's not withdrawal it is more like symptoms showing up that the Paxil had helped mask, and now that I am not on the Paxil they have manifested. I am feeling quite betrayed, hurt, and any other emotional term you want to connect to it. My husband and children have been effected by this the most. I finally feel that I am not crazy, and that what I am feeling is real for the first time in thirteen years. Please help! I need to have some answers that will help me through some of these side affects. I also have slurred words, trouble keeping focussed, and memory lapses. Also, please do not recommend going back on Paxil -- this is what landed me here in this condition in the first place. I will be leaving for another appointment, so may not be able to get back to you soon. Kim
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