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January 3, 2007 10:48am CST
Who else know the MOST ABUSED word on the internet?? F R E E !!!! Whata joke; it's almost insulting. OK; the reason for my ranting is this; I am on disability; and home all day every day.I thought since I am online a lot; there MUST be a way to earn some money online.So when I got an e-mail that said "earn $10.00 in 30 minutes", I thought "heyyyy I can try this". Well it has to do with filling out surveys for different companies.ok, I sign up and start to follow the instructions and I think "WOW I really can do this"!! (tee-hee tee-hee jokes on me).Well a WEEK later I am still trying to make the requirements for the lousy $10. Most every survey panel I came across to join to qualify for this $10 does NOTHING but try to suck you into BUYING something!! And they ALL advertise each others programs.So you go through 30 minuts of checking NO on the (giggle) surveys. Then you see the "last page" and before you can finish they goad you into signing up for at least one interest. Even if you aren't. I know I sound gullible(sp?)But I keep hearing how much money is being made online and I am willing to work for it; but hey even the normal work force pays more than $10 for over a weeks work!! OH and then the phone calls start; "you showed an interest in ....whatever, so you say, well ok tell me what you got. "well it's SELLING; vitamins, household products,or stuff folks dont really need OR want!! Ya know; I may not be able to work in a 9-5 job; but my time is STILL worth more than that.And since I am on disability I dont have 2-3(or more) hundreds of dollars to "invest" in a plan that only makes the OTHER person richer while I struggle to cope with losing 2-3 hundred dollars to them. Now; If anyone knows of a legitimate,legal and very inexpensive way for me to earn some money online; I would be deeply grateful if you would share it with me. I have no problem helping someone else get ahead; and I am willing to devote as much time as needed to earn the money.But I do want to be able to collect it BEFORE I am too old to care LOL!!!! Please pardon the lengthy post.I was about to explode with it inside my head ..hahahahaha
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31 Dec 09
I know exactly how you feel. A couple of years ago i got hurt and couldnt work for 2 months so i figured well lemme try some of this online money making...shame on me. My phone started ringing 24/7 all saying the same thing, "according to our surveys we have found that you are interested in blah blah blah blah...." i ended up spending more money changing my phone number than i did making money off these surveys...its all a scam.