Do you hate people staring at you ?

@clintz15 (977)
September 29, 2006 7:07am CST
I HATE when people look at me like that .......
4 responses
@moneymind (10524)
• Philippines
30 Sep 06
More of I don't like it when people look at me like that. greetings. : )
@maddog108 (3441)
• Australia
29 Sep 06
yep its one of my pet hates.i have at times asked them why there staring at me the responces differ from sorry i didnt realise to out right aggesive .the worse kind is if there drunk and staring and waiting for you to react
@LotSelf (1508)
• India
29 Sep 06
i don't hate them istead i admire them.I'm a photojournalist so evrytime whenever i shoot in a street people just stared me all the time ,i love them here i'm posting u a pix
@ssh123 (31104)
• India
29 Sep 06
I do not hate them. Instead I think they have some problem with their eyes.