Concerned about a rash...

January 3, 2007 1:40pm CST
Okay, so my 7 year old cousin has developed a rash on the top, outside parts of her thighs, large red areas, which are causing her physical pain and itching... We've placed a clear glass on them to check for meningitis, and they don't seem to be...our doctor's on holiday until Friday, so we can't get them checked...her mother's very reluctant to take her to the hopsital, as she's concerned about wasting doctor's time if there's nothing substantially wrong with her... Does anyone else have any ideas/ remedies?
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• India
5 Jan 07
If you believe in Indian Yoga/Pranayama, please visit this site: It is working on yoga. The problem of 'rash' can be eliminated by simple pranayama as suggested at above site. It is free. No fee is required. Pranayama is systematic breathing exercise, inhale & exhale only. By doing pranayama, your cousin will observe change in rash within a week's time.
10 Jan 07
Sorry, I don't put much head into these things, and she's like 7, she won't sit and BREATHE for like, an hour... Thanks anyways, interesting site!
• United States
3 Jan 07
It may be an external yeast infection, putting a cortizone cream on the affected area may bring relief, if nothing else it will do no harm. Don't worry about wasting the doctor's is his job to check out any possible afflictions and offer help in remedying them.
4 Jan 07
Thank you very much, do you think hydrocortizone might work?
@khalid111 (186)
3 Jan 07
i dont know where you live but if its sunny then it could be heat rash but if its really painful then i suggest you take her to the doctor as it could be something serious
4 Jan 07
I don't think it's the heat, we're in the UK, it's rather cold...but thank you anyway.