Software horror stories?

January 3, 2007 3:01pm CST
Anyone got real gripes about lousy software? It's amazing how much garbage is marketed which either doesn't run, crashes computers, or destroys databases. Game software seems to be the worst, but business software can get pretty bad. We had a database running a language called Natural, which would wipe data while we did entries. Every Monday was a raffle to see whether the place was running or not. Another classic was a big name accountancy package, which just never ran. All it ever did was crash the IT section for hours. We had to keep the old system going or we just wouldn't have had any accounts. Also interested in what support you got from the provider, or lack of support.
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• India
3 Jan 07
Well this is not a real story but I just wanted to mention it here. I saw this pic on the net. An aeroplane was just about to land and the software which controls it reads,"Your Trial Period Has Ended, Please Register"... Had a good laugh on it..
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• Australia
3 Jan 07
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...maybe the Wright Brothers were onto something, at that..
• India
4 Jan 07
May be..who knows..