teaching my adult children to growup is exhausting

United States
January 3, 2007 4:38pm CST
I have a thrity-four year daughter who has been on a pity-party for almost a year now. We have had some pretty heated arguments that has left me spent. First, she has to always live above her means. Anyway, we agreed to share a home that rented for $1595 a month. My husband and I live only on social sercurity. The rental agreement was only in her name, however, from the very beginning I believe she was hosing us. We paid $1500 on the first of Aug. Which she said was half the rent and half of the security deposit. My husband argued with her saying we should not be paying for the security deposit because the rent was in her name and she would get that back at the end of the lease. We were only sharing for a year, while her rental agreement was for a year. She then wanted us to pay half of all the ulitilies, which we disagreed on, there were five of them verse the two of us. She has always not kept a clean home, so I did all the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen. My husband would get so mad at me saying I should only cook for us, besides it was our food they were eating. Anyway I figure the kitchen and cleaning was mine. I had the right to make my grandchildren help clean up their messes. Well my daughter thought differently. We had a horrible fight. I knew that we couldn't get along under the same roof, so I told her that sharing the house was not worth our fighting and that we would be staying in our little portion of the house. Well, my daughter got very vindictive and cut our cable so that I wouldn't have internet service, we shared a freezer that was hers, and she throw all our food on the floor and took the freezer. I was so very angry. This is where I drew the line. We were moving out. We did just that. My daughter had to move too, because she couldn't pay the rent by herself, but yet she moves into an apartment for $1295 a month. Now she says she doesn't know how she will pay this months rent. I tells her brother that I made her homeless. Please tell me what you would have done in this situation. Oh, there's more to this story.
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@borg_queen (2535)
• Philippines
7 Jan 07
I'm really sorry about your daughter but I might have done the same thing. She should realize that not everything come easy. Don't take my word for it but I think you did the right thing.