January 3, 2007 7:59pm CST
have you ever seen the devil? i once had this encounter with my brother and we both believe we saw the devil its weird because my bother was goin down the stair and i was at the top and near my brother was this dark figure with red eyes and i said to my bother did u see that and he said he did freeky has anthing weird like this happened to you?
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@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
11 Jan 07
The only devil I ever saw was evil man that did a lot of evil things, but do not think it is a supernatural thing, I am talking here about the mundane, human, normal evil doers that "haunt" our world and make so many people suffer. The mythological devil is only that, for me, a myth.
• India
5 Jan 07
one day i woke up from my sleep dreaming that a demon like huge creature was there on top of me pinning me down on the bed. i couldnt move my arms or legs against its weight. then i woke up feeling cold and eerie, and to my utter surprise, i really couldnt move my arms and legs!! i got really scared and tried pushing harder and harder against the invisible wieght. i also tried screaming out so that someone could come. but no sound came out of my mouth. worse, i couldn't even open my mouth! then suddenly, as if the demon had suddenly left, i felt all resistance gone and could spring up to sit on my bed! i was sweating but everything else was all right. i mentioned this to my family and they simply brushed it aside. and it never happened again. i could never come to know what it was that i experienced!