neighbor promise to gave us a puppy but all of a sudden the puppy went missing!

@nnsb75 (632)
United States
January 3, 2007 9:39pm CST
our neigbor was moving out so since my stepson and their daughter are always playing to their house they told him that he can have the dog since they're moving and they cannot take the dog coz its not allow on the new apartment, so my stepson and my little boy was so excited that they're having a little puppy to play with. So, i ask my husband to make sure that they're really giving the dog to us and They said YES! So, my husband said to them okay, we just gonna go in town to get all the things that dogs need. And we did, we bought everything from food to a little dog house but when we get back to pick up the dog, she said the dog was stolen by one of the boy in the neighborhood and took it to the other neighbor's home, so she said she's gonna take a look what they did to the dog then she come back to our house saying the people was not there and she said she's gonna keep checking, my husband and does not believe her coz if the dog was stolen why she didn't call the police to report and why she knew who's the boy that get the dog, it frustrate me that we spend money out of nothing I wish I could smack them on the head. what do you think????
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