Future CHINA????

@andygogo (1580)
January 3, 2007 10:10pm CST
To the anti-US The strenght of your words only come from your sheer ignorance of this situation (lone superpower with a global reach). In fact you have never been here after 2,000 years of continuous civilization. you've either hidden yourselves or seeked to destroy your own people. Most of you would quickly jump on the fact that imperial China never flexed its muscle on its neighbors. But the reality is that Imperial China did not live in such a "interdepent world body". Neither did it live at such massive competitions engaged at a global stage. THE UNDERLINING PROBLEM China and its foreign policy. What will the future look like for china? China and its future superpower status... Has any though come across as to what will things be after this transformation. Handful of superpower nations= World War I & II Two superpowers= threat of total global destruction & proxy wars One superpower= Chance of World Wars 0%, globalization, World institution and UN much stronger-prove me wrong. China & ? & ?= a bright future LOL... has that ever come true. And so can those same people prove why Westerners should feel at ease with China's growing strenght or band together and contain it.
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