we need a peaceful world

@andygogo (1580)
January 3, 2007 10:15pm CST
The world is more and more unsafe. We need a peaceful world. There are lots of people died because of terrorists’ attacks nowadays, which seems unavoidable in such dilemma situation, that anti-terrorists pay 100 percent their effort to stop terrorists' action while the horrible news seem on the rise. What's the matter on the earth? Nothing comes without reason, that is the key, and even the terrorism is not an exceptional one. We need keep a cool head and sit down to think the reason carefully before we take any action since things may be more uncontrollable if we reflect without second thought. Only if you get adequate information can you treat the disease of the human beings. You can't expect change the whole situation immediately, that's fantasy, because the terrorism is not brewed for one day or one year, again, it's not simple to deal with them, so do not expect to treat the situation by only one means, which is similar to Cocktail Therapy against AIDS. So how? There are lots of good ideas, but I just propose the following two. First, cut the source of terrorism. In my mind, poverty, cultural gap, ideological affection and narrow horizon may be the ingredient of the source. So, if you want to get rid of terrorism thoroughly, you must pay close attention to those problems. Take poverty for example, you can't live without food and water, but please imagine if there are lack of these essential things for survival, what might you do next? Anything you can do for live. Surprisingly, there is another meaning of poverty, which is comparative poverty. Even if you lead a lovely life but you still can't escape poverty situation in your mind, because you are not satisfied about your circumstance, in which your peer group seems more lucky than you comparatively, that's why lost of terrorists who hold PhD. did the evil things. Involving in exotic poverty, the mind poverty, they are out of their mind and they deteriorate into so-called terrorists. What if we change the situation, which is the root of the terrorism? Clearly, we cut the source of the devil since no one need resolve to do terrorist action to show his or her dissatisfaction to against the world. No wonder lots of wise people give hands to those they need help in poor environment. Definitely, I shall concern the weak group of our universe. Let the love not only force makes terrorism disappear. Second, let the wrong action disappear from the universe. I'm a little bit doubt about the effect of merely using force, since this means only make things even worse. OK, if some one attack you, and then you hit him, and again he gives you the second blast, and go on, things will never end or be upgrade. Why not change the way? Why not show him that you have the power to bit him down but you don't do that, so let him say sorry to you? Why not escape his fist before it hurts you, and then tell him you want to solve the problem by negotiation but not by force? He maybe thinks you are a coward so he hit you again. This time, let fist speaks the words. It's the worst situation but that's not your fault. The same thing happens in the anti-terrorism war. Yeah, nobody is perfect but you must try your best to choose the valuable solution but not the wrong action, which may trap you. Certainly, the two above may be very ideal, but in my opinion, they can work if we use two ideas properly, at least. Combination of good reactions is better than simple reactions to bring us a more peaceful world because of the complexity of the terrorism.
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@ssh123 (31104)
• India
4 Jan 07
With wide gap between haves and havenots, peace is very much disturbed. though it is not possible to have absolute peace, one can expect a general peace all over the world, if people start realizing their impotant role as messengers of peace.