True Face of ISLAM: Beslan Massacre ( North Ossetia )

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@andygogo (1580)
January 3, 2007 11:03pm CST
Well, for anyone wondering how to defend islam after this ghastly incident my suggestion is such individuals should have themselves flogged on their naked butts. All those champions of islam should now either owe upto the fact that their creed is but a primitive sort of arab tribalism or else a misfit to qualify as a religion in our 21st century world . A religion that has no scruples and can allow for this worst of worst killings of innocent children & women who had nothing to do with the conflict in chechneya, have lost their lives all to satisy the blood-lust of a creed and its founder, which since its inception in the early 8th century AD has had a rather too "glorious" track-record of the most horrific crimes against humanity . I ask all right-minded individuals plz tell me how such inhumanity in the name of religion can be condoned . My heart goes out to those innocent children who for no fault of their own had to pay with their lives . Should not the children of these perpetrators similarly be shot dead not for any crime of theirs but to show the world that there is no such thing as unlimited tolerance and there must be some sought of payback, only then will such demonic islamic terrorists understand the nature of their crimes . There can be no islamic paradise for such murderers, but rather the cries of the innocent blood that they spill will confront them for eternity . The souls of these blood-hounds who have spill innocent blood will never rest in peace, no allah will provide them sanctuary in any paradise for their so-called Martyrdom . I believe if there is any god, call him allah or whatever he will not be so selfish as to pardon their crimes.
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@balasri (26554)
• India
4 Jan 07
Any act of cruelty against follow human beings will not be endorsed by any God of any religion.Education and a broad mind only can save this poor souls who are wasting their precious and beautiful life on this barbaric measures in the name of God.