A Question About LIFE?

@shedii (1487)
January 3, 2007 11:25pm CST
I have met a lot of people in life, and found that everybody has his or her sorrows. Whenever I listen to them, I always think that who in the world is not facing bad times? For some, life is meaningless, for some its fun, for some it's a motive. But who can tell me what in realitry life is? Why do people think that only they are unhappy? Why don't they realize that happiness and sorrow are like two faces of a coin? Why do people blame their luck and keep asking GOD to help them? Why don't they think that only they are not in deep distress? Everybody thinks that every wrong thing is happening to them only. Most of them only keep talking about their bad times and never listen to other person nor even give a little importance to others sorrows too. People should realize that others may be facing more severe problems than themselves. Can't we share the problems with each other? Are we so mean that we have no time to share sorrows of other people? Is life so small that one defeat makes it unbearable?
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• India
4 Jan 07
yes I have also seen this that many people always keep talking about their problems & never listen to others. they behave like they are the only people who have problems.