The Simple Facts - from Silenced to AndyDob - Surprise Surprise Surprise.

@andygogo (1580)
January 3, 2007 11:39pm CST
Silenced to AndyDob Western foreigners desire to re-create China in their own image. The western foreigners, agree with each other in the systematic destruction of China and the Chinese. How nice. How nice that all you western foreigners ( you are a western foreigner AndyDob ) how nice that you all agree with each other. All the western foreigners agree that China needs to be destroyed and re-created again in the image of the west and the western foreigners, who all agree with each other. Surpise, Surprise, Surprise, all the western foreigners agree with each other that China as we know it and love it and are proud of it, must be destroyed and created again in the image of the west so that is acceptable to the western foreigners. Dear me, so obvious. This western foreigner agrees with that western foreigner and that western foreigner pats that western foreigner on the back and they all combine together with the one aim, the destruction of China and the Chinese and Chinese history and Chinese Culture and the Chinese people. After all, there are far too many Chinese in China to begin with. If the western foreigners could get rid of the Chinese out of China then half the problem would be solved. So ( AndyDob ) western foreigner, adopts a very reasonable tone and agrees with western foreigner (one) and ( two ) that China needs to be destroyed, but in an insidous and quiet, hardly able to be seen fashion and western foreigner (three) agrees and so does western foreigner (four) and so on, until all western foreigners have agreed with each other about the destruction of China and the Chinese ( after all the Chinese only get in the way and complicate things, dont they ). Yes the Chinese do have a bad habit of being in the way, when western foreigners want to destroy China, Surprise Surprise Surprise. Yes, indeed, the Chinese will get in the way of the destruction of China. Menace will be met with equal menace. It is no surprise that all the western foreigners will agree with each other and that all of them ( YES ALL ) desire to re-construct China in their own image for their own gains for the pain and suffering of all Chinese of who they do not give a tinkers cuss. Yes ALL, because all have had a chance to take the China side and they do not take it, they combine together for the one insidious aim to destroy Chinese people, Chinese culture, Chinese Civilisation, and mould it into an image they are able to deal with, their own diseased and infected western system of corrupt murder and control. Well surprise, surpise, surprise, China wants to remain China. How strange that the Chinese do not want to be you. China wants to be China, they are proud to be China, they think China is great and so do I and so do I and so do I. So because I think China is great and I think China should remain China and the Chinese should remain China, I am your enemy. So be it, I am your enemy and proud of it. Proud of it I say. I am proud to be your enemy. It is evil, pure evil for all you devils to combine under the one western foreigner roof and attack Chinese life and culture and try with the most different and varied kinds of means and malice and menace to malign and with the sole intention of the destruction of this vast and mighty and magnificent China. How dare you, all of you. Think again western foreigners, why would any Chinese agree with you, unless they were Hanjian, why would they agree with you. You are foreign, you are alien, you are a disease, a disease that China neither needs, requires or wants. China wants to be Chinese. You westerners have a problem with that. You think, why would China choose to be Chinese, instead of being us the west. Please. China China China. China loves China, the Chinese love the Chinese, they like being Chinese they are proud to be Chinese, they desire no knives or forks, they are perfectly happy with chopsticks ( which are better anyway ). Which bit of all this do you not quite understand western foreigners. Yes, you " all " combine together, in a subtle sometimes other times not, manner to slander China and anyone who defends China, anyone who dares to speak it as it is, write it as it is, is attacked by the combined and singular western devil effort. It is a truth and a fact, you are what you are and always been what you are and will always be what you are, regarded by some of us as pure evil.
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