Saddam Hussein a fair and balanced looks neither fair nor balanced...

@andygogo (1580)
January 3, 2007 11:53pm CST
The various news report show that one of the most balanced people involved in the whole affair is the President of the USA, Mr. G.W. Bush. I have already been recorded as saying that Saddam Hussein will stand trial in the USA and be used to re-elect baby Bush and I do not yet have reason to change my opinion, however, the increasing urge from all and sundry to just execute Saddam Hussein makes me more inclined to feel that the Unites States in the only place Saddam can get a fair trial and I am deadly serious. People who will be deeply involved or even in charge of the trial, already have stated they will give him a trial and then execute him. Give him a fair trial and execute him. What is that.? Which one is it....a fair trial..or an can not be both. This is the leader of a Nation that was Iraq, like him or hate him, he deserves better treatment than this. This was the President of a large and Important country. How sad to see him crawl from a hole, a once great Arab leader. This whole trial business is turning out wrong, this is wrong, if they are going to execute him, with or with out trial, then just execute him and be done with it, but the killers of Saddam Hussein want clean hands. Yes indeed, the men that will kill Saddam want clean hands. Why.? It is sad...the man has no family...his son's were executed by the USA military, he has no wife, he has nothing, he is absolutely defeated and he srves only one purpose in what is left of his life and that is to re-elect baby Bush. If he is tried in the USA he may be released after say 20 years, in those 20 years he has the chance to have some life and when released would be of no threat to anyone else. This whole thing of Saddam Hussein is wrong, there will be no clean hands unless he is tried in the USA, it sounds ridiculous and stupid, but there is more than ione Saddam Hussein, Iraq is full of them, he must be tried in the USA. This is the only way there will be clean hands.! He can still have a jury of say 8 Iraqi's and 1 x Iranian and 1 x Israel and 1 x Jordanian and say 1 x Turk. That is fair. He can have USA legal counsel and that is fair. If he is found guilty, he can be retained at the pleasure of the USA. I think when the President of the USA says he has his own idea about a trial for Saddam, I think this is exactly what baby Bush wants.
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