These murders are tragic loss of Chinese life.

@andygogo (1580)
January 4, 2007 12:04am CST
These murders are tragic loss of Chinese life. Even though I find the beheadings of the American's to be repulsive acts. I find the Saudi murder even more sad, as that American felt he was safe in Saudi Arabia. The cold blooded murder of eleven ( 11 ) Chinese is more tragic in the USA controlled Afgahnistan. Mystery maybe, but cold blooded murder none the less of Chinese. The murder of Chinese has been a regular event on and off for several hudred years and it needs to stop today. I notice how many forum posters with English as their native language are disgusted about one American being killed, what about eleven ( 11 ) Chinese, not one but eleven (11). Is a Chinese life worth less than an American life, I think not and this was eleven (11) Chinese lives. My opinion is that Chinese are worth more and this loss is truly tragic and besides that, something is not quite right with the murders in that, one minute they were living Chinese and next minute they were dead Chinese in the USA controlled Afghanistan and no one knows why or who I feel the loss of any Chinese life by foreigners on foreign soil to be tragic in the extreme and one Chinese life is equal to that of an American life if not more so, if not more so. The loss of eleven (11) Chinese only multiplys the tragedy. The mystery, make the multiple cold blooded murder more sinister. As wchao37 and chairman wrote in the articles section, something is very wrong with eleven (11) dead Chinese in USA controlled land area. What needs to change in this world from today, not tomorrow, is this. 1: The loss of a Chinese life is equal to that of an American life if not more so. 2: For these criminals ( be they Americans or not ) to know that the murder of Chinese on foreign soil by foreigners ,will not be tolerated, now or in the furure and never should have been anyway. 3: For the western world to know, in no uncertain terms, that China, is very angry at the murder of Chinese people by foreigners. Years ago it was common to murder Chinese here there and everywhere, it can never be allowed to happen again. These foreigners need to learn and learn fast, that China does not like and will never like the cold blooded murder of Chinese on foreign soil by foreigners, be they American or otherwise. There is no mystery in what I wrote. To the familys and friends of the Chinese who lost their lives, by deep regrets for all of you, so sad, lives cut short by unknown persons. So sad, tragic.
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