which is the best death for Saddam Hussein?

January 4, 2007 1:15am CST
a man who ran a nation on his own terms. killed thousands! a man who is a stain on the name of humanity, democarcy! a man who has duplicates of himself. a man who is a sucessor to hitler was hanged recently but was hanging him the best way to punish him for his crimes? should he have been tortured more? should he have been killed in some form? what do you think? i think he should have been given the most torturous death humanily possible!
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• Pakistan
5 Jan 07
n u talk about HUMANITY...!!! do u welll know the meaning of H-U-M-A-N-I-T-Y ????
• United States
10 Jan 07
Have you ever heard of, "just deserved." Perhaps, "an eye for an eye." His people did what their law deems so. Read my punishment. Then decide which you think is more humane. ‹(°¿°)›
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