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January 4, 2007 1:25am CST
I only find conversions from SQUARE footage to acreage, but not thew answer to my specific question. If I have 2,380 feet of chain link fence given to me by a contractor for the horse property I am in the process of buying, how much acreage will that accommodate? If the land consists of 4.2 acres, will 2,380 feet completely surround the property? Thanks so much, Wendy
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@Dennik (540)
• Philippines
4 Jan 07
Yes!In fact there is still excess. If you have entered the right data and units and if I have not mistyped the numbers in the calculator I've used( I strongly believe) below is the answer you're looking. You may also want to check it for yourself. Let: Perimeter= 2380 ft(that is the length of chain link) Area= 4.2 acres Let's assume that 2380 ft= the sum of 4 unknown sides, of course we don't need to know the exact measurements of each side, We can assume that one side is 595 ft. Taking into consideration the formula in getting the perimeter which is P= the sum of all its sides. In this case we assume all sides are equal. Thus, 2380 divided by 4 is 595 ft. Now we can get the area using the formula below Area= S squared or (applied in perfect square) Area= L x W, now our Area would be 595 ft x 595 ft = 354, 025 square feet Since; 4.2 acres = 182, 952 square feet C.F. used is: 1 acre is equals to 43, 560 square of feet This clearly substantiate the above statement that 2380 feet can cover 4.2 acres of land. To be clear 2380 ft will cover 8.13 acres of land cause it can enclosed an area of 354, 025 square feet.