Is there too much violence in video games?

January 4, 2007 2:09am CST
Is their too much violence in video games? Personally, I think its perfectly fine.. But it is the parents fault, and the games fault that people do this. If the kid doesnt have very much of a good education, Or his parents dont sit down and tell him why its not okay to walk down the street and beat someone across the head with a hammer, They are gonna think "hey, if they can do it in video games withought getting in trouble, maybe i could do it in real life and not get in trouble" It doesnt mean that they would even actually do that, Because if someone actually thought something like that, They would most likley snap and go crazy at some point anyway. The video game isnt the problem, Parents not teaching thier children what is wrong and what is right is the problem. I play Halo 2, Halflife and stuff like that, But, That doesnt mean that i'm gonna grow up and shoot lazer missles down the street to stop the covanent armada. So really, I think its fine for kids to play violent videogames. Even my parents knew that. They told me countless times that its not okay to shoot four people because i saw it on TV or a video game. I also feel that all those people who flip out over video games, Are getting way too pissed about quite small things, There are worse stuff for those types of kids, and any other kids to do then play GTA. There are alot worse things.
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@MagusX (1099)
• Brazil
10 Feb 07
Hey, i don't agree but i am not against, i mean, sometimes some childs needs to get punished, but not that hard, i mean, if a child break something, like a plate or a glass, they should be repreended, but if they broke something like a Radio, or something more expensive, or even if they are "fighting with someone or even with the brother or sister" ( sorry, i dont know a word for it ), they should get punished, bad behaviors must get corrected.