weightloss surgery

January 4, 2007 2:16am CST
four years ago i had weightloss surgery, i would be very interested to talk about the different typesof weight loss surgery and anyone considering haveing it
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• Italy
21 Mar 11
What kind of surgery did you have? Did you get the results you wanted? I also had weightloss surgery, I had a gastric lapband placed around my stomach, at the beginning it worked and I reached my goal but little by little the weight came back! The trouble is that you can change your body but you can't change the way your mind works.. not without a lot of therapy anyway. Now I have a new surgery scheduled for the beginning of May.. I'll be having the biliopancreatic diversion this time.. Whereas the lapband is restrictive so you actually eat less, with the diversion you can eat as much as you like but you only absorb about a quarter of the calories etc. of course this means that you also absorb less vitamins, calcium and so on, so you have to take supplements for the rest of your life! Weightloss surgery is not magic.. it can help you but you really need to help yourself, I really wish I'd know that a few years back! This time I'm going into it with a completely different spirit! I know it's not going to be easy but I'm ready to take the risk.. after all, the risk of heart attack or stroke is probably much greater!