Child Labour

January 4, 2007 3:01am CST
Its really not fare when small kids and pushed for a job to make the earnings and then the child labour organisations comes up and prohibits it. Why do child labour laws not prohibit children from acting in movies? Is that allowed.
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@ashishsab (498)
• Canada
12 Jan 07
Nice question. I think it needs a wider debate. May be this is not covered in the act because its not a job its an agreement to act. What I understand is that all such bindings are removed by the virtue of agreement with a guardian or parents because child is minor and by doing this all the things related to child labour law is covered and more over its not exploitation but forcing a kid to work is certainly an exploitation. If parents of guardian forces some kid to do acting in movies and he dont want to do it and if he comes up certainly its an exploitation which will be under the purview of child labour act.
@ajithlal (14569)
• India
11 Jan 07
There are lots of children who work for living in hotels and shops. I think if child labor prohibit children from working they whould also provide an alternative way for the children to earn money. Most kids work for food and for their family to support their younger sisters or the parents who have disease or disablity. The living condition of the children are very poor and they are not able to go for education. If there is some kind of system in which the children under the age of 15 are able to get free education and free food especialy children living under poverty. I also think there is should be something like agriculture or cultivating plants in the beside the school compounds etc after schools to make the children self sufficent. If the schools can provide some part time jobs along with education for the children under poverty along with free food most children will be able to leave labor and join schools for their education.