What have you learnt from this book?@?@

January 4, 2007 3:36am CST
This particular book has been rich with many wonderful ideas that it'z very difficult to say i learnt 'THIS' exactly. Try to ponder over the theme[s] of the book and let me know about what you LEARNT
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• Pakistan
7 Jan 11
7 habits of highly effective people is a contemporary classic. The focus on the character more than the personality and the convenience of application characterizing the principles in this book make it a TRUE WINNER all the way...Mr.Covey definitely hits home with his universal advice. These days I am reading the 8th habit by the same author. Has anyone read it?
• Pakistan
8 Jan 11
Superb!! One word it is wonderful! Never heard about him before! Was introduced accidentally and have fallen in love. It is amazingly easy, simple and very effective. One of the few books which actually inspire you to just go out there and follow the advice!!
@magtibaygom (4865)
• Philippines
13 Jun 10
One of the greatest books ever written! I learned from the this book that Character is more important than Personality. Character ethic versus personality ethic.
@EZEdgar (233)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I'm not a big reader, but this one was truly amazing. I've actually read it 3 times. It seems easy to be effective, but that isn't always the case. Stephen Covey definitely made it easy t ounderstand. I give this book 2 thumbs up!