The right Food at the right Time

Food - right time to eat
January 4, 2007 4:57am CST
Chronobiologists have studies the body's circadian rhythims and identified ideal time slots for eating and exercising. 7-8am - Eat Breakfast: It is best to eat after some light early-morning stretching or yoga. 10am - Have a snack: The body uses 20% of the brain's available glucose by around this time, so low-fat carbohydrate snack, such as banana, bagel or sports energy bar, is needed to top up levels. 1pm - eat lunch: Energy levels are naturally running low at this time. Leave lunch any later and you are more likely to consume more kilojoules. 2-3pm - Have a snack: Glucose levels plummet in a post-lunch dip. Some cashew nuts, plain popcorn, or dried or fresh fruit will get you back on track. 4-6pm - Do a workout: muscle temperature and other fitness parameters reacha peak around now. 5-7pm - Eat an evening meal: After this time, we tend to need more food to feel full. Eating now also allows time for food to be fully digested before goung to bed. 7-9pm - Eat a bedtime snack: Choose cottage cheese, a slice of turkey, or a banana, all of which contain the amino acid tryptophan - a precursor to a good night's sleep.
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@msqtech (15226)
• United States
4 Jan 07
I think exercise has to be a part of the day so I cant eat for that many hours I think also that is hard with work
@azriel (2108)
• Philippines
4 Jan 07
nice one.=) now i know why im always hungry at the wrong time. thnx!
4 Jan 07
I read somewhere that exercising before eating your first meal causes the body to go into starvation mode... not too sure... what do you think?