Music genre plays your life

January 4, 2007 5:39am CST
Long time ago i always think why people too fanatic to certain music genre. Poprock, punk, hip hop, punk rock etc. Does the music genre influence the way of life. Then i mix up with new friends who are really love music and know what, they have their own band called The Josephine. Then i can see their life is mostly influence by their music genre, punk rock. The way they dress, then think, they talk and everything are different to other genre. and the latest i heard a new genre called pop punk and post punk. I dont have time to know more about it and maybe anyone knows bout it can explain. What is your music genre?
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4 Jan 07
i listen to all kind of music. But i dont really like rnb.Rock is the best.
• Malaysia
6 Jan 07
yeah...i knew you