Is the USA the dog, the UK the tail, or is the UK the dog, the USA the tail.

@andygogo (1580)
January 4, 2007 5:59am CST
I am very interested to see the response to this very simple question. Just who is the dog here, is it the USA and the UK is the tail, or is in fact the UK the dog and the USA is the tail and the USA does not even know they are the tail, they firmly think they are the dog. But are they.? What if the UK is really the dog in these conflicts and because she is small, she uses the tail ( the USA ) and makes the tail think she is the dog and then the UK follows like a good puppy should. I am not sure what I think, what my opinion is. But, there are more every day, who say that the UK is the dog and the USA is the tail made to think it is the dog. If that is true of course, then the whole world mess takes on even more sinister under tones than ever before. Even Hong Kong, if the UK is the dog, then that explains many things about what the tail does that thinks its a dog. Or is it just one big dog and there is no tail.?
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