What happens to our body when we fall in love?

January 4, 2007 6:10am CST
In the newly-emerging science of brain chemistry, researchers are beginning to identify the biochemical processes behind such mysterious emotions as attraction, passion, and love. What do you know is brain does more than think and reason; it feels. All passions and drives are from the brain. Sentiment does not came from the heart. It all happens when love neurons' are firing in your brain, simultaneously releasing a series of body chemicals. The brain cell signals, some inhibatory, some exhitatory, can dictate your choice of a mate, can determine why you will you be attracted to certain people and repealed by others. Experts in the chemistry of emotions are attempting to answers why that warm, glowing feeling for someone can win out over your reason. Love pleasures are great, but the torment and the pain of losing ones love object is the worst kind of withdrawal, which certainly seem to suggest the chemically addictive aspect of love.
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@kurichi (26)
• India
10 Jan 07
i am not in love