@aggiejoe (800)
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January 4, 2007 7:42am CST
I know I have started topics on Josh all week but I think its important that people relise kids are our future. And unless we as parents do something to help find the cause and a cure for spina bifida more kids would go through what Josh and his Family are going through right now. Though its rare its a real problem that a lot of families face. Heres some information about Josh hes an 11 year old out going funny kid. He is the type of Child that always sees the humor in life. Even though he has disabilities he never lets them get him down. My challenge to all of you is to Visit his site and leave a prayer for him. You can use my log in. christian22 password 09221996 His name is Josh Hacker his link is already to load at all log in times. The picture attached is Josh at the age of 6. Please pray for him and his family.
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@GardenGerty (105453)
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14 Jan 07
As of this date the best method of preventing neural tube defects, including spina bifida is to make sure your diet has plenty of folic acid, a B vitamin. It is available naturally in oranges and dark green leafy foods. Has been added as an enrichment to others. It is good to take sublingually. The best plan for a couple who is planning to get pregnant is for both partners to concentrate on healthy eating. I will pray for Josh.
@aggiejoe (800)
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16 Jan 07
I still make sure my diet consists of folic acid and b vitamins even though I can not have any more kids. I think it is very important of any woman to insure they maintain a healthy diet. I have talked to Pam about this when Josh was born and she told me she took a supplement while pregnant. They are still unclear why Josh was born with spina bifida. But we do appriceate your prayers. Josh is starting to show some signs of improvement but nothing substantial. Thank for your reply.