Chinese faulty logic not unique to China.

@andygogo (1580)
January 4, 2007 8:17am CST
Many in this forum are attacking ALL Christians, Jesus, and Christianity by picking examples of SOME (maybe even many) people in history (and certainly still today) who did indeed do harm under the guise of religion. I've also come across the same faulty logic when it comes to Chinese perceptions of Blacks, with comments such as all black people have AIDS, or ALL black people are poor and backwards. And the same logic applied to Chinese minorities, accusing them all of being troublemakers, etc. The logic goes like this. B=A, therefore everything from C to Z must equal A too. Remember, SOME, MANY and ALL have different meanings in any language. Yet this same faulty logic also has a presence in the west. For example, Becaue SOME blacks who've committed murder are seen on TV, one assumes ALL blacks are murderers. Because SOME whites are community models, one assumes ALL whites are so. Because SOME hispanics are working in the US illegally, one assumes ALL hispanics are illegals. Because SOME Muslims are fanatics, one assumes ALL Muslims are fanatics. Because SOME Chinese enter other coountries illegally, one assumes ALL Chinese are illegals. Because SOME Chinese are communists, one assumes ALL Chinese are communits. Please, China, don't start applying this same logic, in large part responsible for prejudice in the west, to your own worldview also.
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