Aishwarya rai is not suitable for Abhishek Bachan..

January 4, 2007 9:08am CST
Aishwarya is not suitable for Abhishek Bachan...coz she is not a good woman and she only loves money..the people in the industry just created a chemistry between them.Abhishek's exactly suits to Rani Mukherjee..they exactly look like AMITABH AND JAYA...this is gud couple..Abhishek losts his happiness after marrying Aishwarya..this is real fact...this wedding goes to big end..Finally he spoils his carrer and life...His dad too dont have mind...wht can he do in the old age??? some people after 50s or 60s mind doesnt work properly..After their marriage they both gonna create worst..Amitabh is Optimistic..he finally wants to create gud couple...but this is highly highly impossible...they both r not made for each other...its real and fact...
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• India
4 Jan 07
i do agree with you, i don't feel that ashwarya is suitable match for abhishek, i personally dislike her, for me, the best choice would be sushmita but they are brothers and sisters,
@zee579 (434)
• Pakistan
4 Jan 07
I think it is more part of publicity of their movies rathe than anything else. I think they are not a good match and also both are not on equal terms if you consider generation.
@go9999 (819)
• India
4 Jan 07
The marraige between Aishwarya and Abhishek may nor work,because Aish is very ambitous,but we have to see the marraige comming first,or Abhishek may also may be in a line of love failure after Salman and Vivek,but if this happens,then it will be tough for Aish to get some really loving guy,because of fear of being rejected.Maybe Aish will be wise enough this time not to repeat that again.