An old animated movie, which contains a green creature who wears a brown robe

June 25, 2006 7:21am CST
This creature crawls around a palace inside and out trying to steal objects. He also has a long nose. On one occasion he climbed up a drainpipe to steal a scrubbing brush from a person who was in the bath. Whatever he steals he puts it into his robe. At the end of the movie he tries to steal three golden balls, which are on top of the palace. He gets caught and i can't remember what happens to him but a narrator states he promises never to steal anything again. Two Asian people, a boy and a girl are also part of the movie possibly main characters. I remember seeing a picture on the cover of the VCR box with these two people holding hands and facing one another and the creature was in the background in a crawling position, chasing after the golden balls.
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17 Oct 06
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