Autistic son

September 29, 2006 4:10pm CST
I want a really good chat room to talk to other parents who have kids with special needs,so my mad life doesnt sound so crazy
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19 Oct 06
Hi automum. I know of an excellent website that provides on-line "befrienders" to parents with kids with special needs. The befrienders are parents of special needs kids themselves and trained in counselling. It's great for parents to know they can talk to someone who really knows what the parent is talking about from their OWN experience. I am one myself ;-) It's UK based but not exclusive to UK parents. The site is if anyone is interested.
19 Oct 06
Thanks x
• United States
16 Oct 06
i would really like to start one with you just let me know
@BLesseDmiN (1072)
• Singapore
2 Oct 06
Hi there, i work with children and parents with Special Needs and majority of them are children with Autism. I also conduct training for parents who have children with Special Needs.. I would love to help you in whatever ways possible, so if there is a need, do email me ya =) For everyone else who is out there who needs some advice in handling your child with Special Needs, drop me a mail too! =)
• United States
30 Sep 06
I know how hard it can be for you as a parents. When I find out the name for my daughter's diagnosis, I went to yahoo group and look up the name and I found a parents group for me. Maybe from this you might can find group that you can ask questions and get some answers. My group helped me lot of time when I couldnt get answers from doctors. Parents knew more and I was surprised to lear more from the parents who have the child with same problems with my daughter
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
30 Sep 06
In myspace there is a good chat system and lot of members are interested in that topic. Also did you check up at where you can get researched papers with lots of examples which may of some use particularly medication etc. Is your son having a counsellor? Psychiatrist who treats him? I understand the turmoil u R undergoing and try these