Execution of Saddam Hussein.

@andygogo (1580)
January 4, 2007 11:43am CST
There was zero doubt on the crimes against humanity that Mr. Hussein committed. The Iraqi justice system sentenced him to death by "hanging". I repeat, the Iraqi justice system made the sentence, not the US justice system. The Iraqi laws were followed. My question to you is, "What was accomplished by this execution"? Mr. Hussein was aready confined in prison where he was totally out of harms way. What would be the most harsh sentence: execution or prison for the rest of his life? I would of rather seen Mr. Hussein given a choice, confess to his sins by informing the world of his wrongs and how he could make a better Iraq and how Iraq would better fit into our world as it is today. Unfortunately, Mr. Husseins execution is a lose/lose situation for all. The only gain was getting rid of one warm body. Nothing positive was accomplished. Mr. Hussein should of been given a choice. Work with us or don't work with us. If he chose to not work with us, then his fate would fall upon him. The Iraqi justice system decided his fate was "death". The result was again a lose/lose situation. A win/win situation could have occured but this was not an option provided to Mr. Hussein. In our humanitarism, we failed again. Every cloud has a silver lining. The execution of Mr. Hussein accomplished nothing in the big picture. We need to re-think these situations and handle them accordingly. .
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@bandronic (171)
• Romania
4 Jan 07
Killing your governor is one of the most awful thing to do against a country. You keep him locked down if he has done bad things but you don't kill him. This is the Iraqi law. I don't want to start any polemics about the justice system but let's keep in mid that Iraq was under close surveillance from US. US was pulling all the strings from backstage. Mr. Hussein's execution did not resolve anything. Iraq is still in crisis and the execution did not resolved that. In a war or in a execution there is no win/win just lose/lose. Even the parts who win the war win by lose of human lives. They shouldn't have executed him.