Which Harry Potter movie u like the most???

January 4, 2007 12:46pm CST
I Like the "The Goblet Of fire".. coz it is somewat scary and visually superb treat for me...
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@joy358 (491)
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
I also liked the goblet of fire movie. It was full of Harry's adventure which made it very exciting for me. I especially liked the scene where Harry faced Voldemort and he put on a brave face no matter how hopeless the situation looked. And the scene where Harry's parents came out of Voldy's wand and encourage him was so poignant it brought tears to my eyes.... ;)
• United States
31 Jan 07
Personally i like the first two. The reason for this is that i do not care for the new Dumbledore. The guy that played Dumbledore in the first two movies was more of a grandfather type figure to Harry were as the new Dumbledore is more gruff looking and doesnt seem to like Harry as much. The twinkle in the eyes just isnt there as it once was.
• Australia
31 Jan 07
I liked the Goblet of Fire the best as well - the acting was a lot better than in previous films, and it seemed to flow much more smoothly too, even though much more was left out.
• India
31 Jan 07
Goblet of fire...... But I thnk wen half blood prince releases it will the most exciting...
@Janono630 (238)
• United States
4 Jan 07
I personnally like the first one but thats because i liked that book the most too.