designing a bag of crisps for a company got a certificate for it. walkers.

January 4, 2007 1:06pm CST
Hi All when i was young about 12-13 years old i got into a stage where i liked to design what a new bag of crisps should look like i only used colour shiny paper and made it into the exact same shape of a bag of crisps didnt leave any detail out i was young even copied all the writing on the back of crisp bags well a walkers bag, i designed it in full detail coloured every part in and designed my own pictures on it i sent it off to a walkers crisps address and not long after i recieved a certificate in the post for my acchievment as they were quite good designs for my age when i look back to them they also sent a letter saying thankyou for designing these crisp bag designs they are great quality for my age but they have there own machines to create new designs but at least i got some certificates from them, maybe your children could do this in there spare time and get a certifcate from crisp bag company's, do you think this is a good idea?
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@wmaharper (2316)
• United States
4 Jan 07
I'm sure it was great as a child to recieve a certificate and recognition like that, but you will have to forgive my ignorance as i'm not sure what "crisps" are. (;
4 Jan 07
hi thankyou for your message i was quite proud to recieve a certificate at a young age didnt expect one really but just tried it anyway i think a bag of crisps is reffered as to Chips in your country am i right?