How has the coming up of multinationals from outside affected india?????????????

January 4, 2007 1:24pm CST
From the past 10 years thousands of multinationals have invested in india to due to a large consumer market...due to this many indian companies have come down...this globalisation has helped our country in developement...but don't u think that the orginal companies of india have fallen down and now they should be given their importance back.....DO REPLY WITH YOUR COMMENTS....
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@mythmoh (3986)
• United States
4 Jan 07
the globalisation has paved way for economic development in the country.but it has crushed the original indian manufacturers.from this we can come to a conclusion that the original indian manufacturers can't able to compete with the MNCs.they lacked the advanced technology.Sure it they compete with international standard then consumers will move towards them.Inspite of all brands like haier,sansung etc,still there is a place for godrej beacuse for its quality and innovative technology.
• India
4 Jan 07
thankss for your wonderfull comment....
@pritesh73 (606)
• India
5 Jan 07
This really a nice question. multinational have ruined indian companies. government should help development but not on indian companies cost. But who will tell govt. There is no way out.