First Encounter - Physical Aspects

@gifana (4836)
January 4, 2007 1:32pm CST
When you meet or see someone for the first time what is the first physical aspect do you look at. I first look at the hands. You can learn quite a bit by the way they use their hands. If when they are talking or listening and they have their hands open most times you will find that they are open minded and talkative. If they are closed fist-like I find them closed mouth and secretive. There are also some who, when talking, have graceful hands that compliment their conversation when calm but become flaying when they are upset or agitated. If their hands are constantly in motion at their sides they are nervous and uncomfortable. There is so much you can tell about a person just by watching the way they move their hands.
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@104090 (470)
• India
4 Jan 07
A very good inferences. I used to watch the eyes. This is very innovative and excellant discussion
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@gifana (4836)
• Portugal
4 Jan 07
Thank you. What did the eyes tell you about a person on first sight?