a 9year old boy dies after copying saddams hanging...

January 4, 2007 2:39pm CST
a 9 year old pakistani boy died after copying saddams hanging...the father admitted to the children watching it and then trying to reinact it..the boys 10 year old sister assisted him in mimicing the act..the boy and his sister hung the rope from a ceiling fan....by the time his mother and aunt ran into the room after hearing screams from the children to save him he was already dead... why the hell would you let a 9 and 10 year old watch that? and if you saw your children trying to mimic it wouldnt you stop them and explain to them that it is not a game to play and that they could get seriously injured or killed??
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• United States
5 Jan 07
This is sad and I think the father is wrong to have even let them watch this, and yes If I would ever see a child doing this I would explain to them that it isnt a game at all.