what is a celebrity nowdays???

January 4, 2007 5:23pm CST
It makes me laugh how these so called celebrities can call themselfs celebs just because they are married or are involved with another celeb i.e teddy sherringhams gf is on this years celebrity big brother i mean who the hell is she?? what are your views on this subject? should you be classed as a celebrity simply because you are married to or know a celeb???
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@neilf49 (810)
4 Jan 07
Hey, I'm a celebrity, I've appeared on TV a couple of times and I've done radio interviews. So why can't I be one of the chosen ones to be paid tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds to go into a house for a while. Would like a nice break from the day job. I suppose its because I don't even make the 'Z' list, but this years Celeb BB is probably the worst of all for no bodies.
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4 Jan 07
lol i agree, i hardly know any of them this year it sucks.
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5 Jan 07
to tell the truth i dont believe in celebrities like they make ovies so now everyone knows them and they are followed by people and stuff when they arent any more special than any of us so i think that celebs are dumb and there is no such thing as a celeb
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