Help..Any tips for full body work out?

January 4, 2007 9:25pm CST
Please help me how to build muscles and fry excess fats. I recently bought an item from the shop tv, called ultimate gym. Any tips on using it? And i only have two sets of 3 kilogram each dumbel. Can you give me more tips?
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5 Jan 07
ultimate that the 1 that is like an elastic band with handles for the feet and hands? first tip is buy more weights ive got around 800kg of weights in my gym and i still need more but a barbell aswell a good full body workout is a 3 day split monday back & biceps deadlifts latpulldowns (or chinups if you can do them) dumbell or barbell rows barbell curls wednesday chest/sholders/triceps bench press military press dip skull crushers friday legs & abs squats stiff legged deadlift calf raise barbell side bend dumbell side bend seated barbell twist do 5x5 on each lift incase you dont no what that means for each exersize lift the weight 5 times then rest for 1 minute then lift another 5 times then rest a minute untill you have done 25 lifts for each exersize for burning fat you need to exersize 45 minutes 3 days a week first thing on a morning at a steady rate a slow run or exersize bike you will see good results from the above routine i got it from so professional bodybuilders but you will need alot more weights
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5 Jan 07
Wow thank you so much. I will try to do this as much as i can. anyway the ultimate gym machine is the one with like a pulley and rope and you use your whole body as weights. and u try to pull up as the machine has a sliding motion upward but it is on a slanted position.
13 Jan 07
i agree with most of what you say but 6 and 7 dont realy work togehter max out on lifts but eat no carbs? so how do you fuel your muscles while eating no carbs? why no protein powder ? whey protein is natural made from extracts of milk and used by thousands of pro bodybuilders
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5 Jan 07
my ab machine for my daily work out - this is my ab machine for my tummy work out
i suggest you go to a gym first. you enrol there for a month and get the techniques that your body needed. you will be given advises there by your trainers on how to build up your muscles better and help you take away those fats out. i had belly problems before. what i did was i went to the gym and enrolled for 3 months. when i have learned the techniquest best suited for me, i stopped going to the gym. i bought my own weighing machine and i bought ab machines (2 of them). this technique is better rather than doing everything on your own without ideas on how to start the program yourself.
5 Jan 07
might be just the photo and my tieard eyes (4am here) but that looks like a leg machine to me it says on the photo its for your daily workout? you could be overtraining the muscle if you workout everyday muscles need a day to repair themself depending on how much you do each day
@simran1430 (1793)
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13 Jan 07
You can easily set up a program where you are in the gym for 20-30 minutes. For examples Monday - 5 sets of squats; 3 min between sets Tuesday - 5 sets on flat bench (or incline, whatever you want) - 3 min between sets Weds - 3 sets deadlifts, 4-5 minutes between sets + ab work Thursday - superset 3-5 sets of some leg exercise and bicep curls Friday - superset dumbell flies and a shoulder exercises. Saturday - superset two back exercises + ab work. Sunday - day off. You're hitting your major muscle groups twice a week, but you won't be overtraining because the BIG lifts are only being performed once a week.