The return of the comeback

@Naisan (215)
January 4, 2007 10:34pm CST
whenever I see my high school classmates I always have this feeling of being sucked up again in another dimension where everything is supposed to be forgotten. its not like a past of mine is hunting me...but I am transported back to time to that girl that I was once where... that was many years ago and a lot of things have happened in between. Now all grown up and butting heads in the business world..I feel and act like a different person...but yesterday just yesterday when I saw one of my old buddies...flashes of memory come back to me...there was good and of course the bad..the first crushes and heartaches...the flunking test..hehe..yup we all do pass this way once and everynow and then we are remembered by the person we once where. have you felt that too? have you remembered the self you were once? its all in the past isn't it... but its all worth remembering
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