poem ( thier number one)

January 5, 2007 12:24am CST
~when you think your world is full of sunny skies it begins to rain.. when you feel your on top the world someone manages to ruin your day... when you turn to love to guide you through it turns its face away.. you expect and thought to be thier number one... but you get tossed to the side like you dont matter.. your a chicken beneathe thier feet hearts shattered by inconsideration... it is then you truely know your worth.. hidden behind a fake smile but never looking in the mirror to see the reflection of who you have become to be... distant pain can be seen within your eyes..no sparkle dweels no laughter heard...sounds in the night are the wimpers of and aching heart and breaking soul sighs heard echoing through the moonlight sky waiting for the words of great pain.. goodbye...~ thoughts?
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