Boy hangs himself after watching Saddam execution video

@Sawsen (795)
United States
January 5, 2007 1:02am CST
"Police and family members said a 10 year-old boy who died by hanging himself from a bunk bed was apparently mimicking the execution of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein." I think that the more the media glorifies Saddam's death, and the way that he died, the more people pay attention. Not only is it disturbing to watch, but children have to pay the price for the media's actions. That is extremely sad, and I wish they would stop showing the video and bringing news about it, because the man is dead.
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• United States
6 Jan 07
It is very sad that the poor child copied what he saw on TV. Obviously, news stations only care about ratings. And the few that do not, and showed the entire thing anyway, should have more regulations as to what they may broadcast. However, here in the U.S., they have decided for the time being not to air the entire execution on TV. But, that does not stop other children from seeing it online, whether that be on their computers, cell phones, or other multimedia devices. There is no such thing as privacy anymore, and that is our loss with the rise of the Internet.
• India
5 Jan 07
so sad ,,,, i don't think that people should react like it ...its true such thing should not be shown on television it gives adverse effect on children's psychology
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