June 25, 2006 11:34am CST
My name is DONALD DOUBLIN JR., DOC# 82870. The reason for this letter concerns my time comp. calculations. I began my time in the DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS ( 2/14/1994 ), and was sentenced to 12 years. I was also granted my county jail time of 6 months. I was last paroled on ( 2/27/2002 ) , at which time I only had 24 months to discharge my sentence. I fall under the old 336 law, and I received good/earned time while on parole. I last reported to parole on ( 11/19/2003 ) at which time I had informed the parole officer that I should be dis- charged with time served. The officer looked it up and, at that time my discharge date was ( 2/12/2004 ) . I had already served 21 months of parole without the good/earned time being added, and when the parole officer added all of my good/earned time, with my regular time. I was 3 months past my discharge date. The last time I reported to parole, my regular parole officer was on vacation, and the officer I did see instructed me that I was finished with parole, and that when my regular parole officer returns from vacation he will inform him and they would turn in my discharge papers, and" have a good life." MY PAROLE WAS FINISHED 9/1/2003, AND ANY TIME AFTER THAT IS A MISTAKE. NOW PAROLE IS BLAMING TIME COMP. FOR THE ERROR. ALL I WANT IS MY DISCHARGE FORTHWITH. :ALL OF THE FOLLOWING IS ILLEGAL AND WRONG CAUSED BY THE PREVIOUS ACTIONS STATED ABOVE : On ( 3/6/2006 ) I was moving furniture out of my house, when I noticed a police officer looking at my car. I asked the officer if there was a problem. The officer asked me my name, and ran it in the computer, and told me that I had a parole hold for my arrest. At that point I informed the officer that I have been off parole since 2003. The officer asked my to come with him to the police station district #5, so we could check an see if it was just a computer error. "I said cool lets go." When we got to the station the hold came back as true, so I was then transported to the Denver city jail, and held with no bond, and no charges of why I was being held. On ( 3/8/2006 ) I was transported to the Denver county jail still with no charges, only a parole hold. During this time period I continued to tell the sheriffs that I was off parole, and I contacted my old parole office, and they had no answers either. On ( 3/14/2006 ) a parole officer came to the county jail and charged me with failing to report. I explained to him that I reported until I was told I was discharged, And I also asked him "why would I not report with 2 months left of parole"? NO REPLY! I saw the parole board in jail on ( 3/23/2006 ),explained the situation, and was given 20 days time served to D.O.C. so I could be released immediately. Then the board instructed my to report to my old parole office so they could do my discharge. But on ( 3/24/2006 ) parole told me if I don’t take I.S.P.,I wont be released. So I signed to get released, but I didn’t sign any new parole agreement, or any parole I.S.P. at the hearing. I was to report to parole, and be officially discharged 3 years later. And now im back on parole with no order from a judge or the parole board! With a brand new discharge date of (2/21/2008 ). I believe this is all the doing of my old parole officer RUSSEL BARRIEN to cover his back for forgetting to turn in the discharge papers back in ( 2003 ).So if you would get my discharge going, I would appreciate it. I have lost my job due to this, my house, and I am behind on child support payments.This has ruined the little stability I had began to build in my life.I have recordings from some of my meetings with parole officers lately were they say its wrong also.I know this is a good law suit and im a victom. Please can you help me? THANK YOU: Donald Doublin jr. # 82870
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