who is more brilliant girls or boys? or both same

January 5, 2007 2:33am CST
i have heard that girls always eat books and get high marks in exams. but in those field where brain work is nessesary they perform poor. i also watch that girls got high ranks in exams.but what about boys, they al r not at all intrest to sit and read a long. but they spend for activities like sports, roming around in exams they also get glorious victory? who is brilliant then the book eating girls ( so called) or the boys?
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@olga13 (195)
• Japan
5 Jan 07
I think it dependes on the boy or the girl. I think girls develop faster - they start speaking and walking earlier then boys. In adult liife girls have more will to learn than boys, so they can sit and preaper for exams better but it doesn't make them smarter than boys.
@froogle (776)
5 Jan 07
in general, scientifically boys are supposed to be more brilliant than girls. they in general have more intelligence quotient. but of late, girls have started to succeed more because of their hard work whereas boys are still sitting idle!