do aliens exists?

January 5, 2007 5:20am CST
some believe in them some.odd r in favour of them but critics are against them.what ever anyone says do you believe in aliens?
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@cheongyc (5075)
• Malaysia
5 Jan 07
Yes, definitely. I believe that if we exist, then there is also possibility of existence of other intelligence or life form in this universe. I just don't understand those people who don't believe in Alien from other plane. Coz we are a just a very very tiny part of the borderless universe. We can't even move out of our own planet. How can we be so sure there aren't any creature out there? It's hard to explain what's on the other side of the Earth to a cave man. Besides, if we are aware of how many stars exist in this universe, then it's not difficult to imagine that there is really life form out there. Those stars that are visible to us are just a very tiny little portion and 80% of those visible are already in different location. (The light emmitted millions of years ago and reach Earth today) I just can't see most of the stars, there are too many out there... So, in short, i just want to let everyone know that, it's not for us to tell if there is any alien out there with our current level of technology. We are really not good in space travel yet.
@sesha1240 (303)
• India
5 Jan 07
yes..i guess.. aliens in other planet wil be thinking .... do aliens exist???? hope u understood