Band instrument

@jo0911 (135)
January 5, 2007 5:39am CST
If you were on a band, what instrument will you play? I'll start. Mine is the drums. I love playing the drums. How about you?
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@alamzaib (1287)
• Pakistan
9 Mar 08
The trumpet 'I play the trumpet as a hobby and when I have time. I like music very much and if I have a free time I start to play. When I was in school in Peru I was a member of the schools band but with another instrument, a cornet. When I was in Argentina I had plenty of free time. A friend of mine had travelled to Miami and he asked me if I wanted him to buy me a trumpet and I said yes. I lived in a small apartment in Belgrano and when I started to play some neighbours complained. The thing was that I didn't know anything about how to play the trumpet. When I arrived in Newcastle I hired a professor. I play popular melodies. I think that I do it well. You need to practise six or seven hours per day and I only do it an hour. What I used to do is remember some melodies and then play them, for example, 'Yesterday', the song from The Beatles. I listen to all types of music - salsa, Latin-jazz, instrumental, and CDs from Tito Puente. Salsa's a little bit difficult because you need other people to play other instruments and I don't have a band. Even here in Newcastle there aren't places where you could find someone that plays that kind of Latin music. I never manage to make my wife listen me play the trumpet; when I start to do it she gets our son Matias and goes away. She has never said that she doesn't like it, the thing is that she prefers other kind of music, she likes rock in Spanish. When Matias is calm I can learn and try to play something with my trumpet, otherwise, my wife is always in charge of taking care of him. I train myself each morning, so I can't get up at night for taking care of Matias - we have very important training sessions in Newcastle so I have to have a good rest during the night. Thanks to my wife that she understands perfectly this situation. In my team they know that I like to play the trumpet, but they don't say anything to me. It's not like in Argentina. If I was still in Boca, I am sure that I would have received many jokes about this. In Latin America we are used to making jokes about this kind of things but in England it's different.'
@shamsta19 (3225)
• United States
9 Mar 08
I play keys now but if I could I'd love to be on that bass guitar.
• United States
8 Mar 08
i can play drums,guitar,keyboard, even a flute and a lyre..i can sing too...but if i were on a band,i'll choose playing the piano...
@lauzpauz (115)
8 Nov 07
I would play the drums. I used to play when I was younger and would love to take it up again, and maybe play in a band......its still my dream :) x